“Cross the Line” by Jeff Suttles

Attention Attention
My Brother’s and Sistas
We have a serious epidemic goin on out here
Racism must stop
I’m down with Black Lives Matter on this one
Big shout out to the Beat Minerz, Let’s Go

I can’t believe how it’s all going down
Say I can’t breath in my home in my town
I’m living here too and I gotta eat
When I stand up, you tell me take a seat
What about me, what am I doing wrong?
I made some mistakes, but my passion is strong
America America give me a chance
Not just on paper or ideal romance

Please Please not another man down
Justice and Peace no where to be found
A change is gonna come, My forefathers said
Their taking our lives, 194 dead
Listen up people, here’s what we gonna do
Put our heads together, next time it could be you
Don’t hesitate stay on your grind
and let them suckas know when they Cross The Line

You Have Cross The Line To The Point of No Return
What You Do From Here On Out I am No Longer Concerned (2x)

Here’s the second point, that I wanna make
About living in fear, can’t get a fair shake
It’s like Garner, Bell, Brown and Sterling too
Worlds taken away, that’s only a few
I really wanna trust give the system a chance
I’m watching the news, can’t get a fair stands
PSA Alert, Call of action two
We soldiers at war, R.I.P. is true



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