“#BeyondtheMarches” by José Alfredo Menjivar

After all is said and done
the hands come down
the chants stop
the mouths close
the signs are put away

Time and morning threaten
to wash us out
we retreat to our homes
before they arrive

We get to go home.

Get to see and hold
our loved ones
once again
Get to decide
when and if we go
back out another day
Get to (re)settle
into rhythms,
and life
as we knew it

We get to go home.

Get to laugh
and cry
and anger
and love
Get to pour wine out,
turn the tv on
and melt the world away
Get to sleep
and wrap ourselves
in comforts and privileges

We get to go home.

We get to go home
knowing well
In our hearts and bones
the folks we were just marching for
only moments ago
they, themselves,
will never, ever
get to go home

But we go home.

Listen to here:


(Credits:hotograph provided by poet/writer. Poem read by Samantha Alcalá.)
Source: https://soundcloud.com/colortheorypod/beyondthemarches

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